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DIY Valentine Hearts Shelf Sitter

Valentines Day is all about spreading love and letting people know how much you care for them. So why not do that with a super cute craft?!? This one is super cute and easy to make, not to mention that it could be used all year long. Follow along with me for a DIY Valentine Hearts Shelf Sitter.


Stacked Hearts- Mine came from a thrift store

Paints- Pink, White, Gold

Wooden Key- Dollar Tree

Lace Ribbon

Stencil- Mine is from Walmart

Start off by painting each of the wooden hearts. I painted the smallest gold, the medium sized pink and the largest white. Make sure to completely cover, this could take more than one coat.

After the paint has dried on your pink heart go ahead and grab your stencil. Place the stencil across the front of the heart and use your gold paint to fill it in.

Once all your paint is dry stack your hearts on top of one another from largest to smallest. You can use a small amount of hot glue to secure them if you would like but it isn’t necessary. Now take the lace and tie it around the stack and run your key through then tie it in a bow.

This project came out absolutely gorgeous, and was so simple to make. I love that you can use it all year not just for Valentines Day. It would look great on a shelf or a hutch, it will for sure brighten up any room. Do you think you will make a DIY Valentine Hearts Shelf Sitter?

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