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DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Sign

Having a cute little handmade sign hanging up around the house always puts a smile on my face. I really love when it was a complete makeover of something that had nothing to do with the current or upcoming holiday. Follow along with me for a DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Sign.


Dollar Tree Frame/Sign

Dollar Tree Wood Heart

Dollar Tree Wood Love Cutouts

Scrapbook Paper

Paints- Black, White and Red

Mod Podge



We are going to start this project off by doing some painting. The red heart will be painted with red, the Love cutout will be painted with white and the frame will be painted with black. Beads on top of the frame will be painted with all 3 colors. I painted 4 beads black, 2 white and 2 red. You can paint yours however you would like.

Now cut out your scrapbook paper to fit the center of the frame. Cover the inside with Mod Podge and secure the scrapbook paper.

Next use some hot glue to attach your wood heart to the center of the frame on top of the scrapbook paper. Then attach your wood love cutout across the wooden heart, also using hot glue.

Make 2 bows with your ribbons, attach them to the top center of the bead hanger. You can either tie these on or you can hot glue. After the bows are on attach your button to the center using a small drop of hot glue.

This came out super cute and I can’t wait to display it for the month of February. It would look great on the wall in any room or you could tuck it into a hutch with the rest of your holiday decor. Do you think you will make a DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Sign?

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