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Vintage Masher Bird Nest

I love vintage kitchen tools, I have a mini collection of them. I’ve decided to repurpose my vintage masher into a cute spring décor piece. I collect my vintage kitchen tools from all over, flea markets, antique stores and the like. Everything I used for this project I had on hand, and I made everything removable so after the season I can just take it apart and it can go back to my regular vintage décor piece. Come see how my vintage masher bird nest turned out!


Vintage Masher

Mini Grapevine Wreath

Spanish Moss

Ribbon and Scrap Fabric

Mini Flower

Mini Eggs

First I added my little wreath inside the masher, and then added some spanish moss to the inside of the wreath.

Secondly, I tied my fabric and ribbon scraps under the handle, just tied them in a knot. Then I added my little burlap rosette to the center.

Finally I added a few little eggs and that is it!

Sooo stinkin’ cute!!

I adore the way this turned out! Vintage and fun and easily repurposed!


Did you enjoy this vintage masher bird nest?

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One Comment

  1. Patti Wright says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Going to see if I can find an antique masher and make one this weekend.

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