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Bottle Wall Vase

I was looking and looking for the perfect gift for My Mother for her birthday. It always seems like it is the same stuff every year. I decided this year I would make her something different and unique. A bottle wall vase!

This project started with a bottle and a piece of wood I had both on hand. The plumbing piece at Lowes, I can not even tell you the name of it (lol).

I wanted it a turquoise color, but I wanted it to be dark stained under it. I took the wood and stained it with Minwax Dark Walnut

LOVE this color stain, it is by far my favorite! Then I painted right over the stain!

It came out AMAZING! I am sooooo in love with the color!

Once that dried it was time to add the hardware, I just used a screw gun and attached it right to the board. After you get that attached to the wood, you can add the bottle!

Now it is time to add the flowers! I wanted yellow, since it is spring!

OH MY, it is so BEAUTIFUL!

It tuned out better than I had envisioned! She can change out the flowers for each season also!

It would look so nice with some fall flowers or some berries in the winter months! A simple bottle wall vase, turned into such a beautiful piece!

My Mom loved it, and had it hung within minutes of gifting it to her! Success! Sometimes making something is just better! I will have to start thinking about what I will make her next year!

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