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DIY Patriotic Peat Pot

So I’ve been basically obsessed with patriotic crafting the last few weeks. I just can’t let a good red, white and blue project pass me by. I saw these adorable cut outs on Amazon and wasn’t exactly sure at the time how I was going to fit them into a project. Then the imagination started running and it hit me! Follow me for a DIY Patriotic Peat Pot.


3 inch Peat Pot

Red, White & Blue Paint

Star Stencil

Antique Wax

Rusty Wire – HERE

Votive Candled Grunged – HERE

Muslin Coffee Dyed

Rusty Star – HERE

Coffee Dyed Tag

Spanish Moss

Patriotic Children Cutout- Amazon

First we are going to start off by taping off the bottom of the peat pot. The top of the pot we are going to cover in our blue paint.

After your blue paint has dried, remove the tape from the bottom half of the pot. Then paint vertical stripes on the bottom of the pot, alternating white and red.

Next using your star stencil go around the top of the pot where the blue paint is. Place a star at the top of every stripe with your white paint.

Now that all of your paint has dried go ahead and grab your rusty wire. Run it through the top of one side of the pot, up and over into the other side. This will make a handle for the pot.

Next fill your pot with some Spanish moss and add your votive candle to the center.

Now take your coffee dyed tag and write USA across the tag, using your coffee dyed muslin to attach the tag to the handle of the pot. Then take your rusty star and use a small amount of hot glue to secure it to the tag.

Finally go ahead and add your Patriotic children cutout to the pot right behind the candle. With this final step you are all done. This came out so cute and I cannot wait to display it. I’m thinking on a windowsill will be super perfect. Do you think you will make a DIY Patriotic Peat Pot?

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