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Dollar Tree Bunny Gumball Machine

So I was at Dollar Tree, yes I know maybe I have a slight addiction LOL, and came across these super cute gumball machines in the Easter section. I thought to myself there has to be something more than just adding candy to this that will make it super cute. For this DIY a little paint goes a long way. Follow along with me for this Dollar Tree Bunny Gumball Machine.


Dollar Tree Bunny Gumball Machine

Acrylic Paints: Antique White, Pink & Black



Mod Podge

Hot Glue

Start off by painting the bunny head of the gumball machine with your antique white paint. This will take 2-3 coats and you will want to allow the paint to dry in between coats.

Once the antique white paint has dried, we are going to add some pink to the inside of the ears as well as the nose of the bunny. The eyes of the bunny will be painted with the black paint. Once all the paint has dried go over the bunny with your Mod Podge to seal the paint so that nothing can chip off.

Now using the ribbon that you picked out tie a bow around the gumball machine right below the bunny head.

Finally, using a small dab of hot glue attach your flower between the ears of the bunny.

This project came out so stinkin’ cute and I really liked how simple it was to do. This would be an awesome addition to any Easter basket or a tiered tray. Do you think you will make a Dollar Tree Gumball Machine?

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