My Spring Swap From Prim Pals

I got the BEST goodies in the mail today from my friend
We had a spring swap and she was my partner!
This girl is super talented and the
best prim sista a girl could ask for!!
Luv Ya Deb and Thank You!!
He is just too Cute!!
Totally love my cup!! I am a coffee junky!
Loving the Bunnies I got 3!! Yippee!!
Would You look at this runner, WOW!! I love it!
Oh yes and The Cat got a present too!!
This is Chuck (stupid name, blame the Hubster..)
I call him baby kitty he is 7 months old.
He’s just the cutest most curious and loving cat EVER!!
He has stolen my heart!!
Oh and I think Mother Nature didn’t get the memo,
that is it SPRING!!
This is what I woke up to today!!
Think maybe I should send her an email and let her know the date??
I am sooo sick of snow lol!!
((HUGS)) ~Jan
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