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DIY Primitive Candle Holder

Thrift store items are some of my favorite to craft with! On my last trip to the thrift store I found many, many items that I wanted to use in my crafting, among them were this candle holder and candle ring. I decided that I wanted to turn them into a primitive craft together, thus this DIY Primitive Candle Holder was born! I hope you follow along with this craft and can make one of your own!


Thrifted Candle Holder
Thrifted Candle Ring
Spanish Moss
Antique Gold Paint
Antique Wax

First, I used the antique gold paint, and painted the entire candle holder. I am always scared that this color will be too bold, but I have to trust the process!

Second, once the paint dried I lightly sanded around the entire thing.

Third, I used the Antique Wax and gave the candle holder a light coat. That’s the process and now the color is amazing!!

Fourth, I used the Spanish Moss and placed it around the candle holder.

Finally, I placed the candle ring on top of the Spanish Moss and inserted a grungy candle.

Here the final result, how do you think it turned out? With just a few steps I turned these couple of thrift store finds into something uniquely my own, and couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out! When I find items at the thrift stores that no one wanted or had use for any longer, I love to get them home and make them beautiful again. I hope you enjoyed following along with this DIY Primitive Candle Holder craft and give one a try too!

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