A Good Day!!

Ok, to start I picked up most of my craft stuff from my mothers house to bring home! I had all my craft stuff at her in her craft room and now it is home!!! Yippee!! Anyway, the things I found were great and a lot of past creations. I think I am going to do a clearance of some of this stuff… I need to think creatively because I need it gone because I just don’t have the space!
Then I went to meet an online friend who I have for quite a while Donna at www.sweetprairiedwellings.blogspot.com/ and we finally got to meet in person today!! It was fantastic and she is such a sweetie!! I wish I could have stayed longer but, I had the kids and they were restless and life is so busy right now!! I hope next time we can have coffee and chat longer! Anyway we met because I had a craft supply she needed and so we traded craft supply for finished product! well she gave me **3** finished products!! They are awesome and perfectly prim!! I can not wait to have time to find them homes in the house! Which I haven’t had time to do because of…. (next paragraph plz)
When I got home and cooked dinner and sat down to start doing my homework I heard this squeaking crying sound! Mmmmm what is that I follow the noise and to my surprise my cat is under my antique mail sorter having her litter of kittens!! We are now proud parents to 3 baby kittens (there was 4 but one didn’t make it :/)!! As if I didn’t have enough kids already LOL!! Our poor kitty is so tired and is being such a good Mommy to her new babies!! When she is feeling better I will post pictures for all of you to enjoy!! I am hoping hubby will let me keep 1!! I am such a sucker for cats!!

((HUGS)) ~ Jan

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