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DIY Halloween Apothecary

This was a super fun project to do, I love how I got to use my imagination so much. It is really a piece that you can make your own. I remember when I was younger that almost every woman in my family had a shadow box in a room of the house, it was usually the kitchen. These boxes were filled with all sorts of little miniature items, and I was always so fascinated by them. So when I saw this little wooden house at Target I knew I could make it into a little Halloween inspired shadow box and bring back some childhood memories. Follow along with me for a DIY Halloween Apothecary.


Wooden House- Target- You can use anything that you can find, that is a shadow box style

Small wooden slats

Scrapbook Papers

Spider Web Tulle

Black & White Paint

Small Halloween Trinkets and Treasures- I got mine from Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Thrift Stores, etc. I have been collecting for a while for this very type of project. I absolutely love all things Tim Holtz, it is just not always in my budget to buy his stuff. I made do with Dollar Tree items and things I have found out and about shopping.

We are going to start by painting the entire wooden house with the black paint. Make sure to fully cover everywhere, and as always this could take more than one coat.

I had some of these little wooden slats hanging around from some previous projects and I decided they would look great as some mini shingles on my wooden house. This is for sure an optional step. I attached them using hot glue and then I covered them with black paint.

After the paint on my wooden house was dried, I added some scrapbook paper. I cut little squares out and attached them to the solid squares of the house using Mod Podge.

Next I added some spider web tulle that I cut into little squares over the back sides of the windows. This gave the wooden house a little extra spooky look.

Next I added all my little trinkets and treasures. You can add these however you think they look best. I know not everybody’s taste is the same so whatever fits your personality goes for it.

Halloween Apothecary

This was a really fun project to do and I loved being able to add whatever I wanted to. It for sure brings me back to those little shadow boxes that my family had when I was younger. I can’t wait to see what everyone adds to their little wooden houses. Do you think you will make a DIY Halloween Apothecary?

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  1. mary lisowski says:

    So cute….Can use for many holidays………….

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