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Dollar Tree Farmhouse Barn

I’m always finding the cutest things at Dollar Tree to create with. I found this barn around Valentine’s Day and just now I am finding something cute to do with it. I turned it into the cutest Farmhouse barn ever!! If you are into farmhouse decor you’ll love this. Follow along as I make this Dollar Tree Farmhouse Barn!


Dollar Tree Barn Decoration
Leaf Wired Ribbon
Mini Fence
Brown Wax
White Chalk Paint

First, I took a spray bottle with water and sprayed the barn and allowed it to sit. Once it sat for a minute, I scraped off the original design to give myself a blank slate to start with. Allow to dry before painting.

Second, I painted the barn with white chalk paint, this took two coats. I then took the brown wax and stained the eaves of the roof of the barn.

Third, I took the fence cut it to the size of the barns bottom. Then I stained it with the brown wax.

Fourth, I glued the fenced with hot glue to the bottom of the barn.

Finally, I added a small wreath I made with my leaf wired ribbon. Then I attached it to the barn in the top center using hot glue. Once it was attached, I added a buffalo check bow and small button to the center of the bow.

All done! How SUPER cute did this turn out!?!? Will you be making a Dollar Tree Farmhouse Barn?

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