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Vintage Rustic Christmas Tree Frame

I absolutely love holidays, and Christmas is one of my favorites to craft for! When the weather gets cold and the snow falls I love to sit in my craft room and get lost in crafting for hours on end. There are no shortage of ideas in my head to stop me from crafting especially for Christmas time! When I found this broken ruler at a dumpster dive I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for! I hope you love this Vintage Rustic Christmas Tree Frame to try one for yourselves!


Thrift Store Frame
Broken Vintage Ruler
Cardboard  (backing for frame)
Scrapbook Paper – Joann’s 
Rusty Bell
Black Paint 
Antique Wax

First, I took the broken ruler I found at a dumpster dive and shaped it into a tree. I then covered the whole thing with Antique Wax.

Second, I cut the cardboard to fit the frame size and then I measured and cut the scrapbook paper to cover that. Once I had the correct cutouts I used Mod Podge to secure the scrapbook paper to the cardboard.

Third, I painted the entire frame black.

Fourth, I lightly sanded around the frame to give it the aged look. I then secured the scrapbook paper covered cardboard to the back of the frame using hot glue.

Fifth, I used hot glue and E6000 to attach the tree shaped ruler to the front of the frame.

Finally, I made a bow with the ribbon and attached that along with the greenery and the rusty bell to the frame top with hot glue.

Here’s the final result, what do you think? This was a super easy yet fun craft to put together and I can’t wait to hang it up! This Vintage Rustic Christmas Tree Frame came out better than I had imagined it would, and I’m hoping you enjoyed this DIY enough to give one a try too!

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  1. Kari Noble says:

    This project is so clever! Thank you for sharing it!

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