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Vintage Style Wooden Stocking

I’m back with more Christmas Crafts! I absolutely love making things for the holiday season and this Vintage Style Wooden Stocking was so much fun to do! Christmas seems to be the time of year that the ideas just flow out of me and I can’t seem to stop putting my ideas out there! I’m hoping you love this project half as much as I loved making it and give one a try too!


Wooden Stocking – Hobby Lobby
Paints- Red & White

First, I used Antique Wax and covered the entire wooden stocking

Second, I used chalk to draw on where the toe, heel, and top sections of the stocking would be.

Third, I painted the body of the stocking with the red paint.

Fourth, I painted the top, the heel, and toe sections of the stocking with the white paint.

Fifth, I lightly sanded over the entire stocking giving it that aged, worn look.

Sixth, I had gathered all of my Christmas stencils and chose my favorites. The snowflake design was the first I used. I tapped up the top half of the snowflake design over the white section of the top of the stocking and then painted the bottom of the snowflakes with the white paint. Then repeated the process opposite that and painted the top portion with the red paint.

Seventh, I used different reindeer stencils I had and blotted with white paint to add those to the stocking.

Eighth, I used my different snowflake stencils with the white paint and added those to the stocking.

Ninth, I used a Merry Christmas stencil and painted that red onto the top of the stocking.

Tenth, I used the Antique was around the stocking for that aged look.

Finally, I used twine to attach the greenery and silver bell to the corner of the stocking where there had already been a hole for the hanger.

Here it is all finished, what do you think? I knew this would be the perfect Christmas hanging stocking when I found it at Hobby Lobby and couldn’t wait to get home to get to work on it. The Santa sock was perfect for the project design and I think it came out perfect. I hope you liked this Vintage Style Wooden Stocking and give it a try too!

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