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DIY Snowman Tea Light Candle

There are so many different crafts I can think to make for the Christmas season, and I can’t wait to get to as many of them as I can! I was sitting in my living room and happened to look over and noticed my battery operated tea lights on the shelf, and the idea for this DIY Snowman Tea Light Candle came to me! I got right to work putting it together and I hope you like it! Maybe I’ll make a handful of them and set them in the windows, I think those would look pretty good!


Battery Operated Tea Light
Washi Tape 
Paints – Black, Orange, Pink
Enchanted Shimmer 

First, I used the Washi Tape and added it around the tea light.

Second, I the orange paint very lightly to smudge on the rosy cheek look. I then used the end of my paint brush with the black paint to create the eyes.

Third, I painted the candle bulb orange to create the carrot nose look and again used the end of my paint brush with the black paint to create the dots for the mouth.

Finally, I coated the tea light with the enchanted shimmer.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it came out? I love making snowmen and this was such a fun and creative way to make one, while also being super easy! When I was making this I was thinking, I bet kids would get a kick out of making these little snowmen and, I bet this could be a great project to bring them in on! I may just have to get my niece to try these out too! Did you like this DIY Snowman Tea Light Candle enough to give one a try too?

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  1. Gladys ferguson says:

    Really cute

  2. Do you remember where you purchased the tin plate? I think it turned out beautifully.

  3. Elsie williams says:

    So cute thank you for sharing your Idea I going to have to make this one for sure

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