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DIY Valentine Heart Hanger

Having cute little signs hanging around the house will put a smile on almost anybody’s face. I love when I go into someones house and get to see all the little projects that they have displayed. I think this one came out super awesome, come take a look. Follow along with me for a DIY Valentine Heart Hanger.


Wood Heart and Wood Heart with Metal- Dollar Tree

Heart Lock- Michael’s

Ribbon- Dollar Tree

Rose Trim- Hobby Lobby

Toile Fabric- Thrift Store

Paints- Antique White and Red

Key- Had on Hand

Heart Button- Had on Hand

Start off by taking your wooden heart and trace it onto your toile fabric. Once you have the fabric traced go ahead and cut it out.

Next attach the fabric that you cut out onto the wood using some Mod Podge.

Now using your paints cover the wooden heart that is attached to the metal heart with your antique white. I also painted the heart button with my red paint. Once the paint completely dried I removed the hanger from the top of the metal heart.

Now take your ribbon and make a bow with it. Attach this to the top of the bow with a small piece of twine.

Attach the button to the center of the wooden heart on the metal heart. In this step you are also going to attach your bow with the key to the top of the metal heart and add your button. This is all secured using hot glue.

Finally glue your metal heart to the toile heart. Also you can add your ribbon through the holes at the top of the toile heart to make your hanger.

This came out so much better than I had even expected it to. It is so super cute, and would look amazing hanging in a window, on a door or just around the house. I really did have such a fun time with this craft. Do you think you will make a DIY Valentine Heart Hanger?

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