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DIY Birdhouse Shelf Sitter

Spring and summer don’t last long here, and I truly love watching the birds during that time. Recently we had a couple of chickadees move into a birdhouse we have on our deck and watch them coming and going and I can now hear the babies chirping away in there. I’ve always loved birdhouse decorations, but now they mean a little more since I have a family living in one now. This I some inspired this project, even though they can’t live in it, it is a cute piece of decor for my house! Come follow along as I show you how I made this DIY Birdhouse Shelf Sitter!


Birdhouse – Walmart
Scrapbook Paper- Joann’s
Tree Bark
Spanish Moss
Antique Wax
Dollar Tree Candle Holder
Ripped Fabric Strip

First, I painted the house in a pale pink color to blend in with the scrapbook paper I am going to use on it. Then I use my antique wax and stained the roof, base and perches.

Second, I cut out my scrapbook paper to fit all sides of my birdhouse. The one thing I love about Walmart’s birdhouses is that they are a little bigger than Dollar Tree’s and the front comes with this sticker that makes a great pattern.

Third, I added the paper to my house using Mod Podge and sanding off any excess paper as I went along. This was done to all 4 sides of the house.

Fourth, I used hot glue and pieces of bark from a tree in my yard to make the roof shingles.

**No trees were hurt making this project, this tree likes to shed bark all over my garden lol**

Fifth, I painted this Dollar Tree candle holder using a green color I matched to the green in the scrapbook paper. I painted it using a sponge dabber, to give it texture. It took about 3 coats, drying in between. Once it was fully dry I added some antique wax to age it a bit.

Sixth, I glued the house to my stand and added spanish moss to the holes in the birdhouse.

Finally, I ripped up a piece of fabric and wrapped it around the base and tied it in a bow! That is it!

This is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! Love how it turned out! That scrapbook paper is so stinkin’ cute, when I saw it, I knew I had to make soemthing with it! Do you think you make this DIY Birdhouse Shelf Sitter?!

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