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DIY Vintage Style Halloween Shelf Sitter

Halloween is such an awesome holiday to do crafts for! Theres so many different things you could make using any combination of spooky, fun things. When I found this shadow box sign at Michael’s I just had to get it and get creative! I hope you like it enough to give this DIY Vintage Halloween Style Shelf Sitter a try for yourselves!


Shadow Box Sign – Michael’s
Vintage Style Halloween Stickers- Michael’s
Paint – Orange, Black
Scrapbook Paper
Mini Pumpkins
Antique Wax
Spanish Moss
Wooden Knob
Plastic Bat Ring
Sparkly Ribbon

First, I painted the inside of the shadow box sign and the wooden knob black and, then I painted the outer and inner rim of the box orange.

Second, I cut a piece of the scrap book paper to fit inside of the shadow box and used Mod Podge to glue it down.

Third, I used hot glue around the inner edge to glue down a ring of the sparkly ribbon.

Fourth, I took the vintage pumpkin man, cat, sign, and bat Halloween stickers and stuck them to the inside of the shadow box.

Fifth, I attached the black painted wooden knob to the top of the shadow box.

Sixth, I used the Antique Wax along the shadow box to give it that rustic look.

Seventh, I tied a bow out of the orange and black ribbon around the wooden knob at the top and hot glued the plastic bat ring to the center of the bow.

Finally, I hot glued some of the Spanish Moss to the inner bottom lip of the shadow box, and then also hot glued two mini pumpkins atop of the moss.

Here is the final piece! I think it came out way better than I hoped for. Halloween is so fun to create for, it just gets my creative side flowing! I hope you really liked this project and give this DIY Vintage Halloween Style Shelf Sitter a try!

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