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Mixed Media Shelf Sitter

Mixed Media is becoming one of my favorite creative outlets! Tim Holtz has some seriously amazing items that just really make it even more fun! Have you tried nay mixed media projects? Come follow along as I make this Mixed Media Shelf Sitter!


Wood Block – Michael’s
Scrapbook Paper
Tim Holtz Paper Note Cards
Paints Your Choice of Colors
Tim Holtz Chipboard Words
Wood Circles – Variety of Sizes
Metal Corner Shape – Hobby Lobby
Antique Wax

First, I started off by Mod Podging my scrapbook paper onto one the wood pieces from Michaels.

Second, I took some spackling and use a pallet knife and spread it right over the scrapbook paper. I let this dry fully, which was overnight, I spackled it before I went to bed.

Third, I took a pallet knife and added other colors. a little antique white, grayish blue colors, maroon in different spots all over the piece. Then I added white over some of the paint and in different spots all over also. I just kept repeating this process until I got the look I was going for. When all my paints were dry, I added some antique wax all over the whole piece focusing mostly on the edges.

Fourth, I took a bunch of stamps I had and randomly stamped in different places around the whole sign.

Fifth, I used several different sized wooden circles and some Tim Holtz cards and cut out designs for each sized circle. As you can see, I used some flowers, birds and butterflies. Once I cut them out I Mod Podged them to each circle.

Sixth, I glued those circles on sort of overlapping each other in a cluster in the center of my sign.

Next, I added this little metal corner piece to the top right part of the sign.

Then I took some white paint and splattered it all over my sign. I didn’t overdo it, just a light coat.

Finally, I added this little chipboard Tim Holtz quote at the bottom left. Before adding it, I antiqued using my antique wax. That’s it, All DONE!!

I think it turned out so beautiful! It was so fun to make, and can be made differently every time, which is so fun! Do you think you’ll try a Mixed Media Shelf Sitter?

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