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DIY Clothes Pin Snowflake Ornament

Who doesn’t love Christmas? I know I do, and I love making crafts for this amazing holiday season! Christmas is one of the best holidays, and creating for it is not only fun but brings me so much joy as well! I really hope you enjoy this DIY Clothes Pin Snowflake Ornament and maybe try one out for yourselves!


Clothes Pins – Big & Small
White Paint
Antique Wax
Round Wood Circle or Cut Cardboard Circle
Blingy Button or Snowflake
Hot Glue and Super Glue

First, I separated all the clothes pins and removed the metal hinge from them.

Second, I painted all of the large clothes pin pieces with the white paint, I then painted all of the smaller clothes pin pieces with the Antique Wax.

Third, I used both hot glue and super glue together to glue the pins together.

Fourth, I again used the hot glue and super glue to glue the pins into the “t” design with the larger set of clothes pins.

Fifth, I once again used the hot glue and super glue to secure the next set of pins into the empty spots to create the star look.

Sixth, I used the exact same process with the smaller set of clothes pins as I did with the larger set.

Seventh, I used the hot glue and super glue again to glue the smaller pins to the top of the larger pins.

Eighth, I used the two glues to glue the small wooden circle to the back of the snowflake to give it more stability. I then painted the circle white.

Finally, I glued the bling button onto the center of the snowflake. I then added a small amount of white paint to the tips of the smaller clothes pins to give the snow effect. Then lightly sanded around the edges of the whole snowflake.

Here is the final result, what do you think? I love how this came out and it was so fun to make! This DIY Clothes Pin Snowflake Ornament craft was super easy to put together with little time involved, and I had a blast doing it! What do you think? Think You’ll give this a try too?

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  1. Michelle Stephanie Walz says:

    Where do you buy different size clothes pins…I bought some frome Dollar Tree and wasn’t aware they came in different sizes…please help…

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