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Thrifted Hanging Planter Sign Makeover

I love it when I’m browsing through the thrift store and I find amazing items that someone no longer had a use for! When I found this plant plaque, I knew I had to bring it back to life and ideas were flowing! I couldn’t wait to get it home and put my own spin on it to make it something beautiful again! I hope you enjoy this Thrifted Hanging Planter Sign Makeover and can give something like it a try too!


Thrifted Plant Plaque
Rubber Stamps
Tim Holtz Collage Paper
Greenery – Hobby Lobby
Spanish Moss
White Chalk Paint

First, I painted the thrifted plant plaque with white chalk paint.

Second, I used a bunch of stamps I had and stamped them around the sign. For this I just randomly used my collection of stamps and black ink. I’ve collected a large amounts of stamps, one could say I’m a stamp hoarder haha!

Third, I lightly sanded around the entire outer edge sign and I also sanded right over all the stamps to tone down the darkness of the ink.

Fourth, I chose a piece of the Tim Holtz collage paper that I wanted to lay over the actual planter section, then cut off the excess. Then I Mod Podged it on.

Fifth, once the collage paper was dry I lightly sanded the edges to make sure the extra was taken off.

Sixth, I filled the planter with some Spanish Moss and the greenery.

Finally, I cut a length of ribbon and made a bow with it. I then secured it to the wood just below the Spanish Moss using hot glue.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I absolutely love this with the collage paper, and the light sanding! It looks so fresh while still having that worn, used look I love so much! The bird and the worn writing, along with the greenery makes this piece really come together and I couldn’t be happier! I will be adding this Thrifted Hanging Planter Sign Makeover to my next trip to take to my new craft booth!

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