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DIY Decoupaged Skate

I can’t seem to get enough of turning old women’s ice skates into beautiful crafts! These are so fun and easy to make that I just need to get a few done each winter season. Many of you didn’t think you could paint a skate so here is another great option! Join me through the process of making this great DIY Decoupaged Skate!


Old Skate
Paints – Your choice of color

First, I base coated the entire skate.

Second, I cut the snowman out of the napkin.

Third, I used the chalk to trace the outline of the snowman onto one side of the skate.

Fourth, I used modge podge in the entire outline of the snowman to attach the napkin to the skate.

Sixth, I attached the napkin snowman to the skate.

Seventh, I used a small paintbrush to paint the words onto the front of one side of the skate. You could always use a paint pen as well.

Eighth, I used a paintbrush to paint on the snowflakes. I also went over the words a second time to make them pop!

Ninth, I painted the snowflakes around the whole skate and used the paintbrush to splatter white specks.

Tenth, I used the SnowTex around the sole of the skate all the way around.

Finally, I laced up the skate with the ribbon.

Here is the final product! I think it came out absolutely beautiful. There are so many fun and creative ways you could turn old used ice skates into stunning crafts! You could style your skate anyway you liked to make it your own! Do you think you’ll try to make a DIY Decoupaged Skate?

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