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DIY Fall Spackled Pumpkin

Fall is such a beautiful season here on the East Coast and pumpkins are one of my favorite things about fall. I just had to make this fall pumpkin decoration! I hope you try this DIY Fall Spackled Pumpkin and love it as much as I do!


Antique Wax
Rusty Bell
Rusty Wire

First, I used the antique wax to completely cover the wood.

Second, I used the chalk to draw out the outline of a pumpkin onto the wood.

Third, I took the the Spackle and mixed it with the green paint.

Fourth, I used a pallet knife to spread the spackle, paint mixture around the outside of the pumpkin.

Fifth, I used the same process with mixing the spackle and white paint and used the pallet knife again to fill in the pumpkin.

Sixth, I repeated the step again with the spackle, and brown paint and applied to the stem with the pallet knife.

Seventh, I made two small holes at top of the wood and attached the rusty wire as a hanger.

Eighth, I measured out a piece of ribbon to fit around the board then, attached it to the back using hot glue.

Finally, I used another piece of ribbon to make a bow and attached that using hot glue. Next, I hot glued the rusty bell to the center of the bow.

Here is the final result! The finished project came out beautiful with textures and the overall look of how it turned out! I adore the fall months and pumpkins just bring the feeling of fall! Do you think you’d want to try and do this DIY Fall Spackled Pumpkin craft?

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