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DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Cow Sign

When I was shopping at my local Dollar Tree to find more crafting supplies and items I could turn into my own craft, I came across this farmhouse sign. I knew as soon as I spotted it that I wanted to grab it. This was a craft I was super excited to get home and get to work on. I didn’t need much in the way of supplies and I had all other things on hand. I hope you follow along with this DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Cow Sign, and find yourselves wanting to make one too!


Dollar Tree Farmhouse Sign
1/2 Wood Beads
Antique Wax
Paints- Red, White and Black

First, I taped off the outer edges of the sign. I then painted everything inside with two coats of the white paint, excluding the cows’ body.

Second, I painted the cows’ body and the lettering with the black paint.

Third, I painted the two small hearts with the red paint.

Fourth, I removed the tape from the sign, and then used Antique Wax around the whole outer edge.

Fifth, I painted the four half beads with the red paint.

Sixth, I hot glued each of the half beads to each of the corners of the sign.

Seventh, I cut lengths of a couple different ribbons and tied them off with a piece of twine creating a bow. I then hot glued it to the top center of the sign.

Finally, I painted one more of the half beads with red paint and let dry. I then hot glued it to the center of the ribbon bow.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I absolutely love this sign! It amazes me how much a little paint and a bow can change the whole look of something. This sign was as plain as plain could be when I bought it at Dollar Tree, and now it has so much life and just pops when you look at it! I can’t wait to get this one into my craft booth during my next restocking run! I hope you enjoyed this DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Cow Sign as much as I liked making it, and decide to give it a go too!

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