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DIY Primitive Bunting Flag

I love to shop through the thrift stores to see what treasures people no longer have a use for! There always seems to be something that catches my eye that I know I can either redo completely or take it and make it into something else entirely! That’s what I did with this sign. When I found this sign, I instantly saw it as something else. I saw this as a DIY Primitive Bunting Flag, and I knew I had to make my vision come to life! I absolutely love how it turned out! I hope you follow along and decide you love it as much as I do and make one too!


Thrifted Sign
Grubby Tag
Sweet Annie
Rusty Bell and Pin
Star Stencil – I used a star of a completely unrelated stencil

These are the paint colors for this project as well as all of my patriotic ones too!

First, I removed the ribbon, and then I traced on even lines creating arches on the sign. You can use a pencil compass for this, it made it go much easier. I then painted the outer edge and the bottom half circle with deep Burgundy paint.

Second, I painted the second arch and the second to last arch with almondine paint.

Third, I painted the final arch with deep midnight blue paint.

Fourth, I used a stencil I had on hand that had the stars I wanted to use, and stenciled them onto the blue arch with the almondine paint.

Fifth, I used the burnt umber to trace the edges of each arch. I watered down the burnt umber in a paint pallet before I did this.

Sixth, I went over the whole thing with Antique Wax.

Seventh, I cut a large length of twine and wove it through the holes creating a new hanger.

Finally, I stamped USA onto the grubby tag and secured the Sweet Annie and the rusty bell with the rusty pin to the twine.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it came out? I love this craft, it’s so Patriotic and I couldn’t be happier with the finished result! With the exception of the thrifted sign I had everything on hand. When craft projects come together this easily, I can’t wait to get started on the next. This project will be in my next trip to the craft booth I now have. I hope some of you will be able to get in and see what I have there. So what do you think, will you be making this DIY Primitive Bunting Flag too?

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