I’m back at it, making all my Christmas craft ideas come to life! Christmas is my absolute most favorite time of the year! Family, friends, and loved ones all coming together to celebrate, always puts me in the holiday spirit, but when I get to sit and make these holiday crafts that’s where I enjoy spreading the joy of the holiday! I hope you like this DIY Mini Spool Christmas Tree, and bring your holiday spirit out by making one too!


Mini Tree
Wooden Spool
Red & White Ticking Fabric
Antique Wax

First, I covered both ends of the spool with Antique Wax.

Second, I cut a length of ticking fabric to fit the center of the spool, and secured it using Mod Podge.

Third, I inserted the mini tree into the top of the spool.

Fourth, I cut a small piece of greenery and then attached it to the front of the spool using hot glue.

Finally, I used hot glue to attach the rusted bell to the greenery.

Here is the final result, how do you think it turned out? This was such a simple and quick craft to put together, but still has that amazing Christmas feel that puts you right into the holiday spirit! I love to sit down and try to make all of my craft ideas come to life, and nothing makes me happier than when they come together and turn out beautiful! When I found this mini tree I knew I had to use it somehow in one of my crafts and here it is in this DIY Mini Spool Christmas Tree! I hope you liked it enough to give it a try for yourselves! Merry Christmas!

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