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DIY Dollar Tree Toilet Planter Bathroom Sign

I love Spring time, with all the new life and vibrant colors coming back out! Spring has to be one of my more favorite seasons of the year! I’m getting a head start this year with all of my Spring time crafts! As many of you know I have rented a new booth space in a local shop here in New England and have started creating for my booth. I will be sharing my creations on my blog and on my social media. We can talk about what sold and what didn’t, what is working and what is not. We can then talk about my adventures with my new booth! I have previously had a booth for 15 years in a different location and while I did well it just wasn’t a fit for me any more. I am excited to see where my new journey takes me and hoping to share my knowledge along the way! For now I hope you enjoy this DIY Dollar Tree Toilet Planter Bathroom Sign!


Dollar Tree Toilet
Dollar Tree Canvas
Spanish Moss
Tim Holtz Chipboard Saying
Antique Wax
Black Paint Jumbo Craft Sticks

First, I took the canvas apart from the frame.

Second, I painted the frame of the canvas with the black paint.

Third, I took the jumbo craft sticks and lined them up along the back of the frame. I then marked and cut each of the ends off to make them even.

Fourth, I took all of the jumbo craft sticks that I cut and covered them in Antique Wax.

Fifth, once the craft sticks were dry, I hot glued them evenly along the back of the frame.

Sixth, I hot glued and super glued the mini Dollar Tree toilet to the front, center of the frame onto the jumbo craft sticks.

Seventh, I filled the bowl of the toilet with Spanish Moss, and then the succulent I picked out.

Finally, I hot glued the Tim Holtz Chipboard saying to the center of the frame on the bottom.

Here is the final result, how do you think it turned out? I absolutely love the finished project! This DIY Dollar Tree Toilet Planter Bathroom Sign brings so much life and fun to a rather bland space like the bathroom. I couldn’t wait to get these supplies home to get started on them when I came across them at my local Dollar Tree! What do you think, will you give this one a try too?

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