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DIY Hanging Jar Vase

Who doesn’t love to get into the feel of Spring? I know I do, Spring is one of my most favorite time of the year! All the new flowers, and bright colors of the season! I’ve been starting my Spring crafting a little early this year because I have a new booth I am trying to keep stocked, and couldn’t wait to get started on this DIY Hanging Jar Vase.


Hanging Jar Vase – Hobby Lobby
Small Rocks
Clear Glue
Skeleton Key

First, I filled the bottom of the vase with a small amount of the rocks.

Second, I used the clear glue to fill the bottom of the vase, just covering the top of the rocks.

Finally, I placed the florals into the vase. I then used a good length of twine to wrap around the top of the vase while threading the skeleton key onto it. I then tied it off.

Here is the final result, how do you think it came out? I love the red colors of the florals, they feel so much like Spring time! With the vase being able to hang it could be placed almost anywhere and still look beautiful! I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out and can’t wait to get it into my new craft booth! I’m hoping you give this DIY Hanging Jar Vase a try too!

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