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DIY Easter Egg Sign

Easter is right around the corner and I’m sure the bunny would love to see some super cute crafts when he comes to deliver his treats. I saw these little wooden eggs at Dollar Tree the other day and just knew that I could make something super cute out of them. Follow along with me for a DIY Easter Egg Sign.


Wooden Sign- Hobby Lobby

Mini Wooden Eggs and Bunny- Dollar Tree

Spring Napkin- My Shop CLICK HERE

Brown Wax

Mod Podge

Pink & White Paint


Wooden Beads

Start off by covering the mini eggs and the inside of the frame with your white paint. Also paint your mini bunny with your pink paint, and cover the outside of your frame with your brown wax.

Next cut the eggs out of the Spring napkin.

Now add the egg cutouts to the mini wooden eggs using your Mod Podge. Once they are attached cut off the extra napkin hanging off the edges.

Next using a small amount of hot glue behind each one attach the eggs and bunny to the inside of the frame. You can arrange these anyway you would like. Also if other paints go with your decor feel free to switch them up.

Finally put your twine through your wooden beads and attach them to the back of the frame. This adds the hanger to the sign. This project came out so adorable. I can’t wait to display it for the Easter holiday. It was super easy to make and I really enjoyed putting it together. Do you think you will make a DIY Easter Egg Sign?

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