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Valentines Day Dollar Tree Sign DIY

I love to create craft projects for Valentines Day! It’s also nice to have a pop of color during the winter months. The idea for this Valentines Day Dollar Tree Sign DIY came to me when I was shopping through Dollar Tree one day and came across the chalk board easels. I couldn’t wait to get all the supplies together to start on this project, and I hope you enjoy it!


Dollar Tree Chalk Board Easel
Dollar Tree Stickers
Thrifted Sweater
Red and White Ticking Fabric
Muslin Fabric 
Unfinished Wood Button 
Red and White Button
Skeleton Key
Mod Podge
Antique Wax

First, I used Antique Wax along the frame of the chalk board.

Second, I measured a piece of the red and white ticking fabric to fit the size of the chalk board and used Mod Podge to secure it down.

Third, I cut a piece of the thrifted sweater slightly smaller than that of the ticking fabric I just secured. Then I glued the sweater on top of the ticking fabric using Mod Podge.

Fourth, I cut a piece of the Muslin fabric even slightly smaller than last two and secured that on top using Mod Podge.

Fifth, I used the stickers I found at Dollar Tree and placed the letters to spell out “LOVE” to the top of the Muslin fabric.

Sixth, I gathered the red and white button along with the wooden button. I then cut a small piece of twine and threaded it through the holes of the red and white button and tied it off.

Finally, I hot glued the buttons together, then hot glued those down to the fabric on the chalk board. I then used twine to tie a skeleton key to the buttons.

Here is the final project all finished, what do you think about how it turned out? I really like the final project and how it looks! Bringing love and joy out in my crafts is a must, and Valentines is one of the best holidays for that! I hope you enjoyed this Valentines Day Dollar Tree Sign DIY and are able to give one a try too!

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