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Rustic Americana Butterfly Sign

Warm weather is for sure on the way so lets get these Spring and Summer crafts done before we are spending our time outside. As soon as I see the flowers starting to bloom I know that the butterflies will be on their way soon. So why not add them into this super cute project. Follow along with me for a Rustic Americana Butterfly Sign.


Wooden Butterfly- Walmart

Dollar Tree Sign

Flag Clothes Pin

Rusty Wire

Paints- Red, White & Blue

Star Stencil

Tape- Masking or Painters

Antique Wax

Strips of Fabric Coffee Dyed

Rusty Star

Sweet Annie

Start by painting the left side of the butterfly with your white paint. Once the paint has dried, tape off the center of the butterfly as well as two horizontal strips on the right side. Paint the spaces in between the tape with your red paint and let dry. When the red paint has dried remove the tape and paint the empty strips with your white.

Next paint over the left side of your butterfly with your blue paint. Once the blue has dried lay your stencil over it and fill in your stars with white paint over the blue.

Now take the Dollar Tree sign and the flag clothes pin and paint them with antique wax. When you paint the sign wipe the wax off before it dries to give it a lighter waxed look. The clothespin will stay dark. You will also want to put a coat of wax over your entire butterfly. This gives everything that rustic look that we are going for.

Once the wax on your clothespin has dried, take the rusty wire and wrap it around the top a couple times. Then take the excess wire and twirl it up so that it looks like a butterfly antennae.

Attach the butterfly to the wooden sign using hot glue. Once it is attached using a small amount of hot glue add the clothespin to the center of the butterfly.

Again using hot glue, add some of the Sweet Annie to the sides of the clothespin. This can be placed wherever you would like around the clothespin.

Finally make a bow out of your strips of fabric and attach it to the center of the clothespin. Then hot glue your rusty star onto the bow.

This sign came out super cute, it has for sure been one of my more favorite projects that I have put together recently. I think this would look great on a hutch or mantle with other red, white and blue decor. Do you think you will make a Rustic Americana Butterfly Sign?

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