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DIY Farmhouse Christmas Stockings

I absolutely love Farmhouse decor, I always try to incorporate it into my decorating. I saw these little wooden stockings at Hobby Lobby and knew that I could make them into something gorgeous for Christmas. Follow along with me for a DIY Farmhouse Christmas Stocking.


Wooden Stocking- Hobby Lobby

Greenery- Hobby Lobby

White & Black Paint

Brown Wax

Stencils- Both from Hobby Lobby

Start by covering the stocking with your brown wax. I made two stockings, make as few or as many as you would like.

Once the brown wax dries, go over the stocking with your white paint. Make sure to completely cover the entire stocking.

After the white paint has completely dried, grab your stencil. Place the stencil over the stocking so it is on the “sock” area. After you have your stencil positioned where you would like it, fill in with black paint.

I added some decorative stenciling with my black paint along the top of the stocking as well as the toe area. I like the way this separates the different parts of the stocking.

After all my paint dried I added a piece of twine to the little hole at the top of the stocking.

Next I took a small dab of hot glue and attached my piece of greenery to the top of the stocking.

This project came out so great, I love how neat and clean the stockings look. Another great thing about this piece is that it can be used to hang on the tree, a hutch, a door, there are so many options. Do you think you will make a DIY Farmhouse Christmas Stocking?

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