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DIY Rustic Pumpkins

Autumn is just a few short weeks away, let’s get ready for cider, bonfires, sweatshirts and pumpkins. I love Fall weather and fall crafts, especially when pumpkins are involved. I had some scrap pieces of wood lying around and knew that with a little bit of imagination I could turn them into something awesome. I saw someone do something similar Michele Yasbek and loved them, so I made my own version. Follow along with me for some DIY Rustic Pumpkins.


2×4- Cut into 4″, 6″, and 8″ pieces. You can get these cut for free at Lowes or Home Depot.

Stencils- These are from target a few years ago

Burnt Orange and Antique White Paint

Wooden Stems

Spanish Moss


Small pieces of burlap cut into shape of a leaf



If you choose not to get your 2×4 precut at the store this is the step that we will start with. Measure your 2×4 in 3 pieces one will be 4″, the next 6″ and finally an 8″ piece.

Next paint your 4″ and 6″ piece with the burnt orange paint and cover your 8″ piece with the antique white. This could take a couple coats to fully cover the wood.

Now using your stencils, I chose a few different designs. Cover your white block with stencils in orange and the orange blocks with stencils in white.

Once the paint has dried take your wooden stems and hot glue them to the tops of the 2×4 pieces.

Next using a small amount of hot glue attach some of the Spanish moss around the wooden stem.

Now take the piece of burlap that we cut into the leaf shapes and attach that to the top of the Spanish moss using hot glue.

Take a small piece of twine and form it into a cork screw shape. Then attach it to the side of the wooden stem using a small amount of hot glue.

Next using your twine and raffia make a bow and attach to the front top of the pumpkin.

Finally add buttons to the center of the bows. This ties everything together so great.

These came out so super cute and I am in LOVE!! I really enjoyed making them too and being creative with them. Being able to use whatever stencils you would like lets your imagination run wild. You could make these work in any room of your house. Do you think you will make DIY Rustic Pumpkins?

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