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Patriotic Vintage Oil Can

Lately I have clearly been obsessed with red, white & blue everything. With all these Patriotic holidays and Summer right around the corner it fits into everything so perfectly. I’ve been doing some thrift store and antique shop poking around the last few weeks and for sure found some great buys. This one is going to fit perfectly into my Patriotic hutch theme that I am putting together. Follow along with me and check out this Patriotic Vintage Oil Can.


Vintage Oil Can- Antique Shop $5

Paints- Red, White & Blue

Antique Wax

Coffee Stained Muslin Strip

Coffee Stained Tag

Rusty Pin and Bell

Star Stencil

We are going to start by painting the top part of the oil can with our blue paint. Leave about an inch or so on the bottom half of the can not painted.

Once your blue paint has dried, add some paint to the bottom part of the can. Alternate colors around the bottom with your red and white, breaking the colors up into small squares.

Now take your star stencil and add stars around the top blue part of the oil can. Then take your antique wax and outline the white squares around the bottom of the can. Next take your wax and go over the white squares and your stars. This gives the can more of a vintage look.

Finally once your paint is all dry, go ahead and add your coffee stained muslin strip and coffee stained tag to the neck of the oil can, you can attach these just by tying them on. I added the letters USA to my tag before adding it to the can, you could also use a stencil or stamp if you would like. Using your rusty pin, attach your bell to the center of your muslin and you are all done.

This little project came out so adorable. I love finding cute little items and turning them into something that you would never expect. I can’t wait to nestle this into my hutch for the Summer. Do you think you will make a Patriotic Vintage Oil Can?

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