DIY Haunted House Sign

Finding a cute little sign for a door is always a task. I always want it to be absolutely perfect, so that is when the decision to make my own comes into play. With Halloween a few weeks away and everybody decorating and getting ready to have parties there isn’t a whole lot of time to sit down and craft. This is a quick and easy little sign that I put together that will look adorable on any door in the house. Follow along with me for a DIY Haunted House Sign.


Small Sign- Dollar Tree

Paints- Purple, Orange, Black & Yellow

Embellishments- Dollar Tree & Joanns

We are going to start off by painting the inside of the wooden sign with our black paint and frame with our purple. This could take a couple coats to fully cover.

Once the paint from the previous step has dried go ahead and grab your orange paint. Take some and dry brush over your black on the inside of the frame.

Next take your wooden house embellishment and give it a coat of black paint.

Take a small amount of yellow paint and put a circle up in the left hand corner, making it look like the moon is out. I hot glued my little house in the center of the frame and then added pumpkins, bats and a little fence for my embellishments. You can decorate the sign however you would like.

Next I painted the beads at the top of the sign using orange and purple.

Once all my paint was dry I added a sticker in the corner that says “BOO”

Now using a couple dabs of hot glue I added a few tree branches to give it an extra spooky look.

Finally I added a little bit of Spanish moss behind the fence to really make it stand out.

I absolutely love how this project came out. It would look great hanging on any door or on a wall by a Halloween display. It was simple to make and you can really use your imagination and add anything you would like. Do you think you will make a DIY Haunted House Sign?

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