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My Vendor Craft Booth Tour

Christmas is coming and it was time to swap my craft booth over from Fall. We are having a sale this weekend, I honestly have been so busy I haven’t kept up much with my booth. I need to get better at that, New Years resolution…ha-ha. While I was there I snapped a few pictures to share with you. I even grabbed some shots of some of the items I have made. So join me for My Vendor Craft Booth Tour! =)

Here is my booth as a whole. It is a decent sized space. It is right when you walk into the second room of the antique shop I am in, it gets good traffic there.

Some baseball snowmen, wine bottle snowmen, the Dollar Tree cutting boards we made, so many cute items! Snowman sell well, just a tip if you are selling or have a booth.

I make most of the stuff in my booth, I do have a lot of other things too. I like to keep a variety for people to choose from. Even during the holidays, not everyone is looking for just holiday items. I also try and keep a bit of stuff in my booth for men and boys, gives them stuff to see while their wives or Moms shop. =)

The little Charlie Brown Tree that we made above, print your label by clicking the link to make your own!

All the above are things I have made, some are in my booth and others were things I made for My Mom over the years! It is always nice to see things you made displayed in someone’s house.

I hope you enjoyed My Vendor Craft Booth Tour and seeing some of the crafts I made. I hope you found some inspiration! =)

Do you have a booth or do craft shows?

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  1. Lynn Butler says:

    I would definitely stop by your booth if I was there. So many cute things.

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