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Dollar Tree Rustic Ornament Shelf Sitter

Comes check out this Dollar Tree rustic ornament shelf sitter I made! Dollar Tree has these little believe ornaments every year. I have made something out of them before using a photo frame and some burlap. This year I decided to change it up a bit! Love making cute and inexpensive DIY décor!


2×4 in a size that fits your the ornament

Scrapbook paper (Hobby Lobby)

Dollar Tree Believe Ornament (or any ornament you choose)

Mod Podge

Glue Gun

Brown Wax (DecoArt-Hobby Lobby)

Take the brown wax and stain your wood, I did the back, sides and a little on the edges on the front. I do this in case the paper doesn’t fully cover.

Then cut your scrapbook paper down to the size of your board, the apply mod podge and place the paper down and smooth out. Once it is dry using a sanding block sand the edges to give it a rustic look and remove any excess paper.

Then glue your believe sign to the front of the board, right on the paper. DONE!

Such a cute and simple shelf sitter! It was so easy and inexpensive to make, I just love projects like this! This would make a great gift, or even decoration for your own home!

Ahhh, I just love it!! <3

What do you think of this Dollar Tree rustic ornament shelf sitter, do you love how it turned out? I am loving that copper, and brownish color of the believe ornament. It is different than your usual red and greens for Christmas, but beautiful!

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    love your ideas and crafts

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