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DIY Patriotic Kite Kit

My friend over at PickItz Crafts and Homestead Crafter made this AMAZING kite kit! Patriotic crafts are some of my favorites to make and bringing that theme into a kite was a must do! Every year around this time I dig out all of my patriotic crafting supplies and start to brainstorm ideas of what would look the best with the supplies I have. I can usually always create something that turns out amazing! I hope you follow along with this DIY Patriotic Kite Kit and decide you would like to give one a try too!


Kite Kit – 

Paints- Deep Burgundy, Deep Midnight Blue, Almondine
Antique Wax
Rusty Wire
Burlap Ribbon 

First, I removed the kite pieces that I wanted to be red and painted them with the deep burgundy paint.

Second, I removed the rest of the pieces in the kite to paint with the almondine paint as well as the stars.

Third, I removed the top of the kite that holds the stars and painted that with the deep midnight blue paint.

Fourth, once the pieces were dry I used wood glue to secure the top blue section back onto the kite.

Fifth, I again used wood glue and returned the stars to their spots.

Sixth, I again used wood glue to attach the red, and white kite pieces back into place.

Seventh, I painted the “Freedom” sign with the almondine paint. The edges and the actual “Freedom” lettering I painted with the deep midnight blue.

Eighth, I cut a length of the rusty wire and stapled it onto the bottom, back side of the kite. I then gave the wire a slight curvy look all the way down.

Ninth, I used wood glue to secure the “Freedom” sign across the middle of the kite.

Finally, I cut three pieces of the burlap ribbon, and tied them around the rusty tail creating bows.

Here it is all finished, how do you think the final result turned out? I absolutely couldn’t be any happier with this project! It came out exactly how I thought it would! This kite kit was an amazing find and I am so happy that I decided to go with it to make this beautiful DIY Patriotic Kite Kit craft! I hope you loved this DIY as much as I did putting it together and decide that you have to make one too!

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