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DIY No Sew Chenille Ghost

I love crafting for Halloween, and ghosts are one of my favorite things to make. When I found this amazing chenille fabric at a yard sale, I had a million ideas what I could make with it. One idea I knew for sure I wanted to try was making a ghost. I’m not that great with sewing so I put my thinking hat on and came up with this idea on how to make him without having to sew anything. So here is my DIY No Sew Chenille Ghost! I hope you like it and give one a try too!


Ghost Pattern – Get Pattern Here
Old Spool – Flea Market
Chenille Fabric – Yard Sale
Black Buttons
Black & White Ticking Fabric
Boo Stamp – or letter stamps
Antique Wax
Sewing Pins
Hot Glue

First, I cut out the ghost pattern that I drew out.

Second, I pinned the ghost to the folded chenille fabric. This will make the two pieces for the front and back of the ghost.

Third, I cut the fabric along the ghost template.

Fourth, I hot glued along the whole edge of the ghost only leaving the bottom open so that I can stuff him.

Fifth, I used the Polyfill to stuff him full.

Sixth, I used Antique Wax to coat the old spool I found at a flea market and the dowel I found to fit snug into the hole in the spool.

Seventh, I shoved the dowel into the ghost and finished hot gluing him closed while also securing the dowel inside of him.

Eighth, I filled the hole in the spool with hot glue and inserted the dowel with the ghost on it into the hole.

Ninth, I took the Muslin and cut it to fit the center of the spool. I then wrapped it around a couple times, folding it slightly when done and hot glued it down so the end stood straight out on it’s own.

Tenth, I stamped the BOO onto the end of the Muslin fabric that is standing out.

Finally, I used the black and white Ticking Fabric to create a bow at the base of the dowel. I then used hot glue to secure the two black buttons on to create eyes.

Here he is all done, what do you think? I love the way he came out and he’s so soft too! It was so exciting to find this Chenille fabric at the yard sale and I’m really glad I decided to make a ghost out of it! This project was actually pretty easy to put together, and my lack of sewing skills didn’t end up stopping me this time! Do you think you might give this DIY No Sew Chenille Ghost a try too?

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