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Dollar Tree Patriotic Flower

If you’re like me you are constantly looking for something cute and different for each holiday. I see so many patriotic stars and flags, but you rarely see a patriotic flower! So, I decided to make one! Follow along with me for a Dollar Tree Patriotic Flower.


Dollar Tree Flowers

Paints- Midnight Blue, Burgundy & Antique White

Painters Tape

Brown Wax

Star Stencil- Dollar Tree

Fabric Scraps- Coffee Stained

Rusty Star

Start off by painting your wooden flower with your burgundy paint. Once the paint has dried, use your painters tape to make horizontal lines across the flower. Then completely paint the flower with your antique white paint. Remove the tape once the paint is dry.

Next paint the small wooden flower on the metal with your midnight blue color.

When the blue paint has dried go ahead and place your stencil over the flower, fill the stencil in with the antique white paint. Once the stencil paint has dried, take your brown wax and go over both of the flowers, metal included.

Once all the wax has dried, attach the metal flower to the center of the larger wooden flower. This is going to be secured using hot glue.

Finally take your fabric scarps and make a bow for the top of the metal flower. You can use the hanger on that star to tie the bow together. Then use a small amount of hot glue to attach the rusty star to the center bow.

I am absolutely in love with how cute this came out. It is going to look amazing hanging in my kitchen window. It was super easy to make and very inexpensive. Do you think you will make a Dollar Tree Patriotic Flower?

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    Where did you get your star stencil??

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