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DIY Vintage Jack O Lantern Box

Halloween is such a fun holiday with pumpkins, spiders, witches, and all the creepy crawlies! I love making things with pumpkins, but when you add the creepy to the project it makes it so much more fun! Follow along while I make this DIY Vintage Jack O Lantern Box and then give it a try for yourselves!

Thrifted Jack O Lantern Candle Holder
Paper Mache Round Box 
Scrapbook Paper
Black Paint
Faux Spiders & Bat
Antique Wax
Spanish Moss
Halloween Stickers
Witch Hat
Mod Dodge

First, I used the Paper Mache round box and painted the whole thing black.

Second, I measured and cut scrap book paper to cover the sides and top of the dried black round box and cover.

Third, I used Modge Podge to attach the cut scrap book paper pieces to the box and sanded off the excess. Then I used the antique was along the edges of the box.

Fourth, I painted the Jack O Lantern and let dry.

Fifth, I used the antique was on the dried Jack O Lantern to give it the aged look.

Sixth, I used hot glue to attach the moss and then the Jack O Lantern to the top of the box.

Seventh, I hot glued the spider to the moss on the top of the box, and then added the halloween sticker to the side.

Eighth, I took the witches hat and added the ribbon.

Finally, I attached the halloween pumpkin sticker and hot glued spider to the witches hat then, I set the the hat to the top of the Jack O Lantern. I didn’t glue it down so that I was able to access the candle.

Here is the finished project! I think he came out absolutely adorable, and was such a fun craft to make! Fall, Halloween and Pumpkins make this time of year so much more fun! Do you think you may try and give this DIY Vintage Jack O Lantern Box a try?

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