I love a cute Dollar Tree DIY!! This is one of those DIY’s that are so easy and fun! I grabbed one of the mini pallets they have at Dollar Tree and a pack of the flag napkins because I had an idea!! When I got home I got right to crafting because I knew if I didn’t it would end up in the unfinished stack of projects! Follow along as I make this Dollar Tree Pallet flag! A super cute and EASY project!


Mini Wooden Pallet

Flag Napkin

White Paint

Mod Podge


The first thing I did was paint the whole pallet white. I used white chalk paint, you can use whatever you have on hand for white paint.

Second I cut one of the squares of the napkin and split the ply so it was one layer. Then I used Mod Podge and attached it to the mini pallet.

Once that was dry I pushed in the centers of the napkin in between the pallet slats. Then I sanded the edges using a sanding block and in between the slats I used a nail file. Once I had it all cleaned up, I added another coat of Mod Podge to seal it all. That is it, DONE!!

So simple and EASY!!

How cute is this?! I plan on using it in my tiered tray! I think it is going to look perfect!

I love how this turned out, but mostly I love how easy and quick it was to make!!

Will you be making a Dollar Tree pallet flag?

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