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Patriotic Old Door Upcycle

Check out this Patriotic Old Door Upcycle! Have you ever gotten an item that you know you’ll use later and it just sits and sits for years?? Well this is one of those projects! I have had this door for YEARS, and finally I was clearing out my stash and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! It only took like 4 years LOL!

Here is the before of the door, very rustic, with all the nails and rusty hinges! LOVE IT! I wanted to leave all of that on it, paint right over it and leave the hinges, I wanted a REALLY rustic vibe!

First I drew out with a yard stick all the lines for the flag, I choose to paint the flag vertically, I did 4 lines so they was an even amount of stripes and they were spaced apart evenly.

Second; I painted the whole top blue, I used a dark navy blue color.

Third step was painting the stripes, I did two burgundy and two antique white stripes.

This is after all the painting was done, looks great so far! It needed some finishing touches. We need some stars!

For the fourth step, I used my Cricut and cut out the Betsy Ross style flag stars, with the 1776 in the middle. I used Dollar Tree contact paper to cut the stencil.

I aligned it in the center of the blue. Once it was stuck on, I used a sponge to lightly dab antique white onto the stencil. After everything was dry I used some stain in Minwax brand Dark Walnut (which is my favorite stain color), and brushed on a light coat and then quickly wiped it back off. I didn’t want it too dark but I wanted it to be darker and aged looking, I think I got exactly the look I was going for! There is no better feeling than a project turning out just like you had imagined, or better than you had imagined!

This is one of those projects!

It came out AMAZING! It will be around and in style for YEARS to come! Well, I hope so at least! =)

This Patriotic Old Door Upcycle came out better than I could have hoped for!

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  1. Christine Green says:

    You did a fantastic job. You are amazing.

  2. Lora Marsh says:

    This is stunning, I would have it out all year.

  3. maureen Colburn says:

    you have always been amazing

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