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DIY Rustic Christmas Bells

Rustic Christmas bells seem to be the “in” thing this year. I have seen people make them out of everything from plastic cups to plant pots. I have not however seen them made from baskets like these. While thrifting I found these red bell baskets and thought I could redo these to look like all the rustic bells I have seen. They would be unique and fun and inexpensive since these only cost me $1.00, and I found two sets. I am keeping one red because I think they are super cute in the red also and making over these ones! Come see how I made these DIY Rustic Christmas Bells out of these thrifted basket bells!


Basket Christmas Bells – Thrift store for $1
Paints- Burnt Umber and Gold
Rub & Buff

First, I painted all the baskets in a dark brown, burnt umber is the name of the paint. Let these fully dry.

Second, once the burnt umber dried, I added a coat of a gold paint. You don’t have to go full coverage with the gold, you can let some of the brown come through.

Third, while the gold is still wet stipple some more of that burnt umber all over the bell in spots, not totally covering but just dabbing it on.

Fourth step is to add some rub n’ buff gold leaf all over the bells. Be sure to allow some of the brown and other gold color to show through. We want to see all the layers, that’s what gives it the rustic look.

Finally, I added some twine to each bell for hanging and I did each one at a different length so they would hang staggered. Once I had those tied on, I tied all three hangers together.

I think these turned out AMAZING, I love them!! I am so glad I found them and decided to redo them! I’m also glad that I found another set to keep red! This process can be used on anything you choose to make into bells. I think I will be trying this on some plastic pots! Do you think you’ll try these DIY Rustic Christmas Bells!

So beautiful! They look perfect all nestled in the greenery!

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