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DIY Spindle Bauble Ornaments

This was such a fun DIY and turned out really unique. I love the vintage style of this and the new paint technique I used to give it a more vintage look. If you love spindles and old-style Christmas ornaments, you’ll love this! Come see these DIY Spindle Bauble Ornaments!


Bauble Ornaments- thrift store or new
Spindles- I found mine at a flea market, Hobby Lobby carries them also.
Vintage White Paint
Baking Soda

First thing I did was stain my spindles, using some brown wax and I drilled a hole in the top of each for a hanger. I also popped the hangers off the ornaments and set them on the handles of paint brushes to prepare them for paint.

Second, I mixed some vintage white acrylic paint with some baking soda to give it some texture. I painted both my ornaments. This goes on kind of like a paste almost, so some areas are thicker than others, which was the look I was going for.

Third, you’re going to glue your bauble onto the end of the spindle. I used a mix of e6000 and hot glue, once you add the glue, you’ll have to hold it for a few minutes until the glue sets enough. Which is what the hot glue will do, that is why we use both, one for short term and one for the long term.

Step four, take some twine and wrap it around the end of the spindle and the ornament. You can use some glue to hold this on, it will help to also hold the bauble to the end of the spindle also.

Finally add your hanger, I used some ripped fabric for mine. All DONE!

These were so fun to make and really easy!

I ABSOLUTELY love how these turned out! You could change these up in so many ways too! Paint them a different color or two different colors, use different shaped baubles….so many ideas! Do you think you’ll try these DIY Spindle Bauble Ornaments?

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