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DIY Santa Magic Tag

I’m back at it with my Christmas crafting, and I couldn’t wait to get this craft put together when I finally found the wooden tag. Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year and I have so many ideas that I never seem to have enough time to get them all put together! Sometimes I’ll be in my craft room for hours just creating, so lost in what I’m doing that I don’t realize the whole day has slipped by! Nothing is more relaxing than putting my Christmas crafts together and I’m hoping you like this one! This DIY Santa Magic Tag is super simple yet is so much fun. I hope you give it a try too!


Wooden Tag – Walmart 
Santa Napkin – Dollar Tree 
Stickers – Dollar Tree 
Antique Wax
White and Burgundy Paint 

First, I covered the center of the tag, with white paint which is slightly raised and once dry, I added Mod Podge.

Second, I lined up the Santa napkin in the center of the tag onto the Mod Podge. Once I had it placed and it was dry, I lightly sanded off all of the excess napkin.

Third, I used the Burgundy paint and painted the outer ridge of the tag.

Fourth, I used the stickers I found at Dollar Tree that spelled out “Magic” along the bottom corner of the napkin. I also used a couple of the star stickers and placed those on the upper corner.

Finally, I used a length of twine and tied it through the hole at the top of the tag to create the hanger.

What do you think of the final project, do you like how it turned out? I love this craft, and I think Santa just pops with the Burgundy around the outline of the tag! The gold stickers also give it that little extra too! I can’t wait to get more of my Christmas ideas out there for you to check out! Do you think you’ll give this DIY Santa Magic Tag a try?

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