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DIY Watering Can Makeover

I love a good trash to treasure, these are my favorite type of DIY’s! This one is an amazing transformation! It was literal trash and I took it home and showed it some love! I am excited to share this with you! Come follow along as we make this DIY Watering Can Makeover!!

As you can see this watering can was in rough shape, and in dire need of some TLC!

Step one was to spray paint it and give it a nice base coat for paint. Y’all I didn’t even sand it, I painted right over the rust, it gave a nice textured rustic look to it. I did wipe it clean before painting.

Second I painted the spout and the back handle in Antique white, two coats.

Third I used Navy Blue and painted the other handle and the attachment on the spout the same color. Two coats for this also.

Fourth step I used a ruler and measured 4 even lines all around the whole can, and drew lines around for the stripes.

Fifth step I painted two red stripes and two blue.

Sixth step I painted the top piece in burgundy, even around the rim.

Seventh step I added white stripes in the red stripes all around the whole can. I just loaded the brush and ran it around. Then I added some small stars with a stencil I had. Also I painted the center of the blue handle white.

The final step I added brown wax over the whole watering can, giving it a primitive, vintage, rustic feel. I love love how this turned out!! Once I had it all dry I added some flowers to display it.

Look how AMAZING this turned out!! I LOVE it!!

What an amazing transformation!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Watering Can Makeover! If you did, check out my other posts for more DIY’S!

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  1. I love love love what you did simply amazing !

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