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DIY Santa Stop Here Sign

I love making little signs to tie together my Christmas decor, I always feel like everything needs a little “something” before I feel that it is complete. Adding simple handmade signs is always a great final touch, and not to mention making sure that you let Santa know where you are for Christmas Eve is super important lol. Follow along with me and learn how to make your own DIY Santa Stop Here Sign.


Santa Stop Here Ornament- Wal Mart

Wooden Tag- Dollar Tree

Dowel- Wal Mart

Acorn Dowel Cap- Hobby Lobby

Scrapbook Paper- Hobby Lobby

Glitter Snow- Amazon


Red Chalk Paint

White Acrylic Paint


Hot Glue

Mod Podge

We are going to start this DIY by drilling a hole in the back of the wooden tag. You want to make sure that this hole is big enough for your dowel to fit into.

Next we are going to paint the wooden tag and the acorn dowel cap with the red chalk paint. Now paint the dowel with the white acrylic paint. Make sure to cover these pieces completely, this could take 2 coats.

Now take your scrapbook paper and trace it to the size of the wooden tag and cut it out.

Now take your scrapbook paper that you cut out and attach it to the side of the wooden tag where you drilled the hole for the dowel. You are going to attach the scrapbook paper using Mod Podge. Once the paper is in place cut out the little hole that you drilled, so that you can place the dowel in for the next step.

Now using your hot glue, insert the dowel into the hole and secure it using a small drop of hot glue. Once the dowel is secure glue the acorn dowel cap to the top of the dowel.

Next grab your Santa Stop Here ornament and take it apart. Now that you have the ornament taken apart you are going to attach the individual pieces to the dowel using your hot glue.

Once the glue to your ornament pieces have dried you are going to tie your ribbon around the top of the dowel above your top sign.

Now add some faux snow to the tops of your signs, dowel top and around the bottom of the dowel. This gives it that cute something extra it needs to really stand out.

How cute would this look on a cocoa bar or sitting on a shelf?! This came out so adorable and was so simple to make. Do you think you will make a DIY Santa Stop Here Sign?

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