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DIY Dollar Tree Ghost

I was out shopping the other day and found myself in Dollar Tree, I just don’t know how that always seems to happen LOL. While I was there I had to check out the Halloween crafting area, I found this super cute ghost and just knew that I could make it even cuter. Follow along with me and learn how to make this DIY Dollar Tree Ghost.


Dollar Tree Ghost

Small Wooden Sign (I had on hand)

Scrapbook Paper (Joanns)

Hot Glue Gun

Acrylic Paints- Black and White

Bakers Twine- Black and White

Boo Stamp & Black Ink Pad

Mod Podge

Step 1, we are going to take the Dollar Tree ghost and the small wooden sign and paint them. If you don’t have a sign like mine, you can easily make one form a paint stick. I painted the small wooden sign white and the ghost itself white. I used black paint on the base of the wooden ghost.

Step 2, after the paint has dried on your ghost you are going to grab your scrapbook paper. Place the ghost on top of the scrapbook paper and trace the outline of the ghost.

Step 3, turn your scrapbook paper over and the shape of the ghost should be on the back. Next you are going to cut out the shape of the ghost that you traced.

Step 4, using the mod podge attach the scrapbook paper to the wooden ghost.

Step 5, next you are going to take your Boo stamp and you are going to stamp the small wooden sign that was painted earlier. Before you apply the stamp to the sign make sure that the paint is dry.

Step 6, take the black and white bakers twine and wrap them around each other and make them into bows. Next you are going to hot glue it to the back of the small wooden sign. After the glue is dry hang the sign over the arms of the ghost. This completes the project.

This project was so simple to make and didn’t take much time at all. He is adorable and so different, which is why I love to DIY my decor, it is not something you’d see in a store! I’m super excited to use this to decorate for Halloween. Do you think you will try to make this DIY Dollar Tree Ghost?

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