When I found this snowman, I couldn’t wait to come up with the perfect idea to turn him into a valentine snowman. I sat in my craft room and looked through all my supplies and came up with the perfect project to put together! I hope you follow along with this DIY Target Valentine Snowman Makeover, and give one a try too!


Wooden Target Snowman
Ticking Fabric
Faux Snow
Rusty Bell, Pin and Heart

First, this snowman comes unfinished so I painted him white and painted the hat black. For this I just used acrylic paints.

Second, I used red paint to blot on the rosy cheeks, I then used the end of my paintbrush with black paint to create the dots for the eyes and the mouth. I then used a small tip paintbrush to make the eye brows. Next, I used orange paint to create the snowman nose. Finally, I used the end of a very thin paintbrush to put white dots in the eyes.

Third, I cut a length of the red and white ticking fabric and tied it around the base of the top hat.

Fourth, I used white paint and created stars on the hat, I then used the end of my paintbrush to make some dots around as well. I then put a small amount of white paint on an old toothbrush and splattered specs all over the hat.

Fifth, I cut another length of the red and white ticking fabric and tied it around the snowman neck.

Sixth, I used red paint and made three small hearts down the front of the snowman.

Seventh, I used the end of my paintbrush and made smalls dots inside each heart.

Eighth, I used the rusty safety pin and pinned the rusty bell, and heart to the ticking fabric that I tied around his neck.

Finally, I painted on some of the faux snow to the top and brim of the hat.

This is the final result, how do you think it turned out? He was so simple to make and I think he came out amazing! I had so much fun making him, and he took no time at all the complete! I can’t wait to get started on more Valentines ideas, and this DIY Target Valentine Snowman Makeover was the perfect addition to my Valentine crafting! I hope you liked this DIY and give it a try too!

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