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DIY Patriotic Truck Sign

While out shopping the other day I found a bunch of new wooden cutouts at Walmart. They had these trucks and some farmhouse animals and more. I grabbed 1 of each, including this truck. I thought it was super cute and wanted to make something Patriotic with it! Come see how I made it into a DIY Patriotic Truck Sign!


Wooden Plaque- Dollar Tree
Truck- Walmart
Star Stencil- Dollar Tree
Rusty Star- My Stash
Florals of your choice
Wooden Buttons
Red, White, Blue Paint

First step is to paint our truck and our buttons. I painted the truck in all red and then gave it some blue wheels. We are going to paint our buttons white; those are going to be the hub caps! Finally paint your wooden plaque white also! I also had predrilled some holes into the plaque, to add a hanger.

Second take the buttons and glue them to the middle of the tires and glue your star onto the door. I used a rusty star I had on hand, you can use a wooden one or even a small metal one. If you don’t have a star to use, you can just paint one on also!

The next thing I did was use my star stencil from Dollar Tree and stenciled stars all over the truck in white. I think this made the truck look absolutely adorable!!

It is time to glue that truck to the plaque using some hot glue!

Here is where I added a wire hanger, I took some wire and pushed it through the holes, using a paint brush handle I twisted the wire, so it was curled. This gave a cute look to the hanger and made it look good sitting on the front of the sign.

Finally, I grabbed a few heads off my Dollar tree Daisies and hot glued them to the bed of the truck. This DIY Patriotic Truck Sign is DONE!! Yay!

How ADORABLE did this turn out!?!? I LOVE IT!! It is so bright and so fun and was really easy!

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